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Some common terms in the official online poker card game


There are many things that need to be considered and well understood in order to play trusted online poker gambling games and bets. If you can play correctly and in accordance with the proper procedures, then you can easily win in the poker game. The key to successfully winning poker, of course, is to really understand the proper playing techniques.

Basically, the game of poker is very easy to play. It’s just that sometimes many players don’t understand the proper playing procedures that can give you victory. We recommend that before playing, understand it well so you can win easily and avoid losses.

Get to know common terms in the official online poker card game

In each game, of course, have different terms and rules. Included in the otakupoker card game, of course, there are rules and terms that need to be well understood. If you understand the terms of the game well, in this case the player will win easily and get big profits.

There are several general terms that are often used in poker games, including the following!


Poker players may already be familiar with this one term. The term call is generally one of the basic terms in online poker games that will often be encountered for betting. Call is a term used to place bets without increasing or reducing the amount of bets that are already on the table or placed by other players. For example, the bet on the table is rp. 500 so if you want to follow the call, install rp. 500 too.


Besides call, the next is the term raise in poker. Raise is a term for increasing the bet amount by a multiple. For example, bets on the table or bets placed by other players are rp. 500 then you can raise 2x or 3x fold, for example to rp. 1000 or rp. 1500 or rp. 3000.


While fold is the term for stepping back or not participating in the game round. Folds are usually done when the hand and table cards do not form a good combination.

All in

All in is a term for placing the entire bet on the poker betting table. For example, you have a nominal value of rp. 5000 then if you do all in, of course you place all of those bets. All in is done when the card value is sure to win because the value is high. In addition, this technique is usually done as a way to bully your opponent.

That’s a glimpse of some of the important terms in online poker games. You will encounter these terms more often when placing poker bets.



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