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In today’s modern era, if we talk about profitable career paths, information technology would be the first thing that would come to our mind. Looking forward to the industrial sectors, all the industries face severe degradation in job opportunities as well as positions. Meanwhile, IT is the only sector which has shown a constant as well as a secure growth in employment. The jobs available in the IT sector have complete job security as well as provide a proper salary.

A person can be qualified to hold a job in the IT sector on the basis of his skills, experience as well as efficiency. There is a wide range of carrier paths available in IT Service Management. The services improve every year and provide multiple chances to new and aspiring minds. There are some specific kinds of employment as well as career paths in information technology service management. The aspirants are allowed to express the expertise that is necessary for the job.

 Service and strategy design

The strategy related to service and design states all the IT services that are necessary for the company. The Jobs available in this sector lay emphasis on jobs, generating values, assets, and ROI for the products in the company.

Service level manager

There are people in the company who take the responsibility of joining the levels of service as well as the key performance indicators, otherwise known as KPIs. The mediators behind this work are called service level managers. All this information for noted down in a cluster of service level agreements, otherwise known as SLAs. The contracts which make sure that different IT groups take into account the abilities they need to show are even documented in these SLAs. The responsibility of analyzing the performance and monitoring, along with contract managing, is given to the service level managers. They also have to suggest innovative ideas to enhance their services.

Common roles and importance

  • All the day to day activities of the IT services is penned down into a catalog.
  • The SLAs, along with the customers of the business and OLAs along with the support teams of information technology, are arranged.
  • The regular performance against the determined goal and KPIs are thoroughly observed and noted down.
  • The reviews of services, along with the performance reviews, are carried out properly.

IT Architect

The main task of IT architects is to maintain IT-related services that foster communication between departments in an organization. They mostly exist as a team and device important IT projects in order to get the organization going properly. They are technical experts and find out new IT solutions using them.

Common roles and importance

  • Hear the plea of technical help and access the important parts of the organization.
  • Researching and analysis of data to reveal areas of IT improvement in the corporation and devising actions that would improve IT products.
  • ICT solutions of the company are worked upon properly so that it can be integrated or architecture together with other IT designs.
  • They lead developers and designers teams towards a better environment.

Security Architect

They are technical specialists. They help in developing protection for all the IT-related technologies in use for the organization by crafting the best defense in order to save them from attacks of external elements. They create security models and use advanced tools or software to do so. They also test the effectiveness of the security model and see how breach-proof it is. They set rules, implement best practices, and govern the security-related changes in the company’s technological infrastructure.

Common roles and importance

  • Maintaining the security infrastructure of the organization after creating it.
  • Spotting risks and problematic elements in the IT systems and eradicating them efficiently.
  • Crafting new protective measures and initiating them to tackle the possible cyber attacks on the systems of the organization.
  • Being ready for all the circumstances. In the worst-case scenario, if systems fail due to the inability to prevent an attack, they should be able to recover everything and get everything back on track. Extensive knowledge in this field actually helps them achieve this.
  • They should also make a roadmap suggesting the security advancements they plan to make and details about them.
  • They should keep a track on the technological advancements of the company and gain knowledge accordingly.

So, here are the best paths of career to follow as an ITSM certified individual.